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Benjamin Henry Ltd are committed to building a more sustainable future throughout our work & adopting climate friendly methods.

Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

– Gro Harlem Brundtland

The construction industry has a huge impact on the environment & is a big user of natural resources (in fact, it accounts for 35% of worldwide energy usage & 40% of CO2 emissions!), however advances in technology means it’s becoming easier to embody energy use within building whilst also being sympathetic to the environment.

We have a strong interest in sustainability & where possible, will always do our best to use responsibly sourced materials that are kind to the environment, as well as your pocket. For example we often use Accoya, which is an ultra high performance, durable yet sustainable wood. It is designed to last a lifetime & comes with a 50 year guarantee against any rotting or fungi so is particularly useful in both timber buildings & joinery such as windows & doors, ensuring the longevity of the work.

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Our aim is to ensure our projects minimise energy consumption, whilst also benefiting our clients in the long term with reduced running costs. We always do our utmost to make sure buildings are as insulated & economical as possible. We can even go as far as to produce a ‘passive house’ which will give you up to 90% energy savings compared to the 75% that the modern new builds achieve. This type of building can almost be heated by a couple of candles!

We are also proud to announce we are now Passivhaus accredited. The leading body for energy efficient buildings created via a simple principle of reducing heat loss via insulation, stringent airtightness & removal of thermal bridges. Passivhaus design can create healthy & comfortable buildings that require minimal heating & an almost constant temperature.

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Some of the ways we as a business lower our contribution to climate change –

  • Aim to use renewable & recyclable materials wherever possible
  • Minimise energy consumption within finished buildings
  • Reduce on-site waste
  • Protect natural habitats during construction phases
  • Volunteering for local environmental charity events
  • Reduce emissions from our vehicles
  • Protect & conserve watercourses
  • Work alongside environmental agencies & local councils
  • Sourcing locally wherever possible
  • Environmentally conscious design & implementation
  • Ensure the longevity & durability of our work
  • Educating our team on green construction techniques

Thankfully building regulations are changing & with the increased awareness on environmental challenges, being eco-friendly is easier than ever. We can all do our bit to make a difference to the world around us.

We would be delighted to hear from you, we provide a free no-obligation quote for your upcoming project, however large or small.